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Overview of VOIP services

VoIP Benefits

VoIP or voice over IP is a form of voice communication that uses IP or internet type connections instead of traditional copper connections such as single line BT services.

This allows services that fall under the distinction of ‘Unified Communications’.

This includes voicemail to email services, conferencing, call forwarding and IVR, or interactive voice response.

  • Voicemail to email - playback your voice messages direct from your inbox
  • Voice multi-way conferencing
  • Multiple incoming calls on single devices
  • ‘Follow me’ Features where calls will go to multiple devices such as fixed or mobile phones
  • Ranges of incoming DID numbers - Have a London number but answer the call overseas or anywhere in the world, or vice versa.
  • IVR - Interactive voice responses allow multiple departments to have calls routed to them depending on customer input, i.e. 1 for sales, 2 for support etc.


VoIP service infrastructure On Premise PBX systems

Depending on the size of the office, our ‘on-premise’ systems consist of a small local device that is connect to the internal LAN of the customer network. The desk phones provided connect to this local system to handle calls.

This small device uses (preferably) a static IP address internet uplink as a minimum ADSL2+ with minimum 700kbps upload capability. This would allow for 3-4 concurrent calls.

Larger links can be provided by us up to 48Mbps down and 2.8Mbps upload using our bonded DSL services.

In addition, larger fibre links can be provided for large offices or call centres. These links can scale up to 100Mbps up and down.

The on premise systems will allow desk phones to be located in the local office, as well as in remote offices. All calls between these offices is free of charge, no matter where they are located geographically.

The service can be provided to allow for multiple incoming local numbers, for example a geographic London number, or local call cost 0845, or 0800 type numbers so that your customers can call you for minimal call costs.

Services on these on premise systems will have full functionality such as transferring, call forwarding, voicemail.

Hosted system

In this type of system, no equipment is required on site, except the desk phones. There are some features that are not included with this type of system, but it is perfect for a small office with up to 10 staff.


All systems are connected to our hardened soft switch in tele-house, docklands. This is a purpose build datacenter that houses many thousands of servers for some of the largest businesses in Europe.

The systems are located in 24/7 monitored facilities with full physical security, such as personal ID, and CCTV, as well as firewall systems to protect from hackers, uninterruptible power supplies and diesel generators, and multiple internet uplinks to the internet and our telecom partners around the world.